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Every writer knows that small mistakes are easy to miss, and that’s why conventional wisdom is to have someone else give it a read before something is sent, posted or published.

But catching typos isn’t the only reason. At 0:45 in this number from Cabaret, you see how easy it is to lose sight of what others see

You’ve been looking at your content over and over for hours, days, or even weeks. You’re no longer clear on what it says to someone reading it for the first time.

Ask third parties to point out the details. If there’s a sentence they had to re-read, someone else is probably going to trip up in the same place. Even if it’s grammatically correct, it needs to be smoothed over.

More importantly, if you’re the author, you may not catch gaps in logic or definitions that aren’t clear, so an outsider’s first take is worth paying attention to. If they don’t understand something, or take something the wrong way, you have time to fix it.

Of course you’re looking forward to getting your work out to a wider audience. But if no one else checks it first, the brilliance you envision may just look like a guy in a gorilla suit.